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Sunshine and French Bread Pizza

This afternoon was made for running!  Look at this beautiful-ness!

Running Trail Running Trail1 Running Trail3

I was actually able to just let myself run, and while it was still hard (running is NEVER easy for me) I really didn’t focus on my time and I enjoyed it so very much.  I even wound up finishing just around a minute slower than I usually run, so I was happy with that too.

Running Trail2

After that, I grabbed up my Ryman and headed home to play outside when Papa rode up on the Kawasaki Mule with some minnows to dump in the pond, located just beyond our front yard.  Rylnn was SUPER excited so we jumped in and rode to the pond so Rylnn could “help” his Papa and then we HAD to go across the road and see Babydoll the horse, and Rylnn actually wanted to get on her (shocking!) so he sat on a horse for the first time ever.  I was one proud Mama!

Papa Minnow Papa Minnow1


Babydoll Babydoll1

From there, we had to go see the chickens and Rylnn just walked right in like he owned the place (my brave boy, I’m so very scared of them!) and then we came back to the house so we could start a late supper.


Rylnn helped me make our French Bread Pizzas, which are a wonderful, quick and super easy and CHEAP dinner.  I just take a whole loaf of french bread and slice it in half (just because that’s all we’ll eat between the three of us, but you can use the whole loaf or even two if you have several eating) then slice it lengthwise and top with sauce and all your favorite pizza toppings.  (It’s also a great way to use up leftover red or white sauce).

French Bread Pizza French Bread Pizza2


Tonight, after a quick brush of olive oil on the crust, I used red sauce on one half and white sauce on the other, then added mushrooms to one half and then red and green bell peppers to both and topped with cheddar and parmesan cheeses and stuck them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.  Depending on what toppings and how much cheese you use, the time will vary.

French Bread Pizza3 French Bread Pizza4 French Bread Pizza5

After supper, it was back outside to enjoy the rest of the daylight, then bath and bedtime.  I love these wonderful warm, sunny days!

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