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Happy Camping Birthday!

Today is Andy’s birthday!  After work we all met up at the campground with Papa, Gamma, and my Grandmamma (my dad’s mom, and my only living grandparent) to celebrate the beautiful afternoon.



Along with the usual campground treats (crackers, chips, cookies, etc.) we also had these little beauties to snack on and MAN they were good!




Then Papa and Gamma started the grilling and the hot dog roasting over the campfire.



The food was amazing (evidently, since I completely forgot to even snap a picture before I took a bite!) and check out this fantastic ketchup bottle/packet thing 🙂

ketchup Hamburger


After we ate, it was time for cake, coconut cake that Gamma made at the campground (that woman never ceases to amaze me) and presents!

Cake Cake1 Cake2 Cake3 Cards


Rylnn also found a canoe to play in 🙂

Canoe Canoe1 Canoe2 Canoe3


The afternoon FLEW by and it was time to go before we knew it.



Happy Camping Birthday!


Rylnn and I had to do some shopping this afternoon after work, since Daddy’s birthday is tomorrow!  Then we came home and changed clothes and all walked over to Papa and Gamma’s house to feed the animals and water the plants since they are camping this week.  And here’s a sweet bunny we saw at the edge of the yard while we were playing outside 🙂


Rylnn is such a good helper!


And here is the picture I promised on Saturday of the swing and frame that Papa and Rylnn built while we were in Nashville.


And here is the view when you sit in it…Priceless.  I absolutely love it!

Swing Viw

Tonight I finished a quick 20 minute elliptical workout and then BARELY finished my 40-30-20-10 workout.  My muscles are toast!


Tomorrow after work, we are headed to the campground to visit Papa and Gamma to celebrate Andy’s birthday with hot dogs, hamburgers, smores and who knows what else!  I can’t wait!

What’s your favorite camping treat?

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