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Tuesday Travel

After a LONG and bit of a crazy drive last night with two of my favorite co-workers (which included a stint on a two lane road with no lights) to a LONG and wildlife filled drive today (including turkeys, a dead armadillo, and a fox) we finally made it back home in time for me to grab my boy and head to the house.

We immediately changed clothes and ran straight back outside until the daylight was gone, swinging and playing in puddles. ¬†I love being a mom to such a playful boy ūüôā


Getting ready now to get on the phone to get details all organized for NYC on Saturday (Woo!!!) and then to the treadmill for a nice run.

I also want to add a little note about Boston. ¬†Since I posted yesterday before I really had many details, I want to say once again that my heart breaks for all the people who are dealing with this tragedy. ¬†I choose to keep this blog positive so I’m not going to rant and rave about the state of our world, because we all know that we live in a lost and completely fallen nation. ¬†What I will choose to say is that while there are a few sick and twisted people in this world, I focus on all the people who ran TO the bomb site to help. ¬†All the first responders, EMT’s, paramedics, police officers, runners that ran to hospitals to donate blood…For the ONE or TWO that had a hand in planning such a horrific event, HUNDREDS ran to help, and for that, I am truly thankful. ¬†Proves to me that there is still hope here, God is still in control and I know as a runner I will remember every time I take a step onto the road and every time I run a race, I will pray for those affected and I will remember those who were lost. ¬†Pray for Boston.

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