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Noonday Collection Adoption Fundraiser

This evening I had the privilege to spend some time with a wonderful group of ladies for a more than wonderful cause.  More on that in just a minute…


For supper, I boiled a few eggs and baked some chicken to shred and made a quick chicken salad with a little mayo, brown spicy mustard and pickle relish.  For those of you that have seen this trick on Pinterest, it WORKS!  Pinterest Pass with flying colors!  I enjoyed a handful of mixed nuts while I was mixing together my chicken salad and then sprinkled a few on top as well.

Mixed Nuts Shred Chicken

Chicken Salad

Now back to my wonderful evening!

The beautiful Wendy Wilson hosted a Noonday Collection Style Show Adoption Fundraiser to help support her friend Erin’s adoption.  Erin and her husband are adopting Lincoln (15 months) and Piper (6 months) from Africa and Wendy and her husband adopted the precious Roxie Kyle a few months ago as well (and are in the process of adopting little Hudson) so adoption is extremely close to her heart.

Roxie Kyle

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Noonday Collection was founded by Joe and Jessica Honegger in 2010 after a visit to Uganda and their own personal decision to adopt from Rwanda as a means to raise money for the costly adoption process.

From their website:

At Noonday Collection, we believe every child belongs in a family. While the owner is no longer raising money for their Rwandan adoption (though they think more adoptions will come), the vision remains the same. We advocate for the orphan by:

  • Providing jobs that create a pathway out of poverty for families. A stable income means a family is less likely to abandon their child.
  • Help families raise money for their own adoptions. We give 10% of trunk show sales directly to the adoptive family when they host a trunk show.
  • Aside from donating 10% towards qualified adoptive families, Noonday Collection also gives towards orphan care and prevention. Watch the video to see one of our beneficiaries.
  • The dream: Take YOU on a trip to visit artisans and visit orphans in their distress.

Who wouldn’t want to support this?!  And all of the jewelry and accessories that make up Noonday Collection are truly unique pieces that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Jewelry Jewelry1

You can see Lincoln and Piper there!


Sorry for the blurry pics, but here’s the snacks 🙂

Jewelry3 Jewelry4 Jewelry5

Even shoes!


Our Noonday Collection Ambassador Kayce explained to us the founding and history of Noonday and how the whole program works and also showed us several of the pieces on display as well as in the catalog which was FULL of great accessories.

Wendy Kayce Erin

Wendy, Kayce, and Erin

If you have any questions about Noonday or want more information, please let me know and I will be more than happy to let you know more!  It was a wonderful evening, like I said, and I can’t wait to see Lincoln and Piper in person!

When I got back home, this happened.


Before you freak out, it is in fact a worm and not a snake, but still.

After Ryman went to bed, I managed to crank out a 2 1/2 mile run and a quick arm circuit-12 reps of bicep curls, tricep extensions, hammer curls, and tricep kickbacks and I did 3 rounds of that.  I also completely my 100 sit-ups for the day. Woo!

On a side note, my blog will be getting a face lift tomorrow forcing me to  be out of commission until Saturday so PLEASE be sure to check back in on Saturday and hopefully a new and improved, fresh-faced Sugar Coated Sheridan will await you.

Coconut Oil Face Cream-Hmmmmmm

When I woke up this morning, my face seemed to be a little bit softer than usual, but other than that, I see no real difference.  I am going to try the Coconut Oil Face Cream again tonight (see previous post if you’re confused) and Friday night as well and see if maybe it bears repeating to achieve results…So Pass or Fail?  The jury is still out…


Started this morning with some coffee with almond milk, two granola bars and I won a giveaway!  If you don’t read Tina’s Blog Carrots ‘N’ Cake, I highly encourage you to do so.  She has some incredible workouts and recipes, and Murphy, the cutest pug I’ve ever seen.  I entered her giveaway for the new cookbook More Peas, Thank You and I won!  I never win giveaways!  I’m hoping that with a new vegetarian cookbook, I can encourage myself my Ryman to eat more vegetables because I know we both need them.  Thank You, Tina!


And just to make you smile, here is my beautiful baby niece…I get to see her in 2 days!

photo (59)

Have a great hump day 🙂



Pinterest Pass or Fail: Coconut Oil Face Cream

I started the day out hungry again so I made some more of my Scottish Oatmeal with peanut butter and a plate full of fresh strawberries.


It was wonderful!  I snacked a little through the morning and for lunch the office decided on Wendy’s so I had one of my favorites right now, the Asiago Ranch Flatbread.  I was sorely disappointed today with the bacon being so crispy I couldn’t eat it and there was entirely too much ranch dressing on it.  Of course, I still ate the whole thing because I was hungry, but next time I’ll probably be trying something different.


I picked up Rylnn after work and we jetted over to see Gamma!  She is finally back from Florida and Rylnn was SO excited to see her!  She brought him back a stack of precious clothes and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates toothbrush and toothpaste holder that he just loved.


After playing outside for a little while, we came in to a supper of grilled pork chops, broccoli and cheese, fried okra, twice baked potatoes, rolls and homemade congo squares (chocolate chip cookie bars on crack!).  There is no wonder why I will never be able to lose any weight around here!

Ryman11 Ryman111

Tonight I decided to do a few sets of abs on the exercise ball and a few sets of reverse crunches and then rest for the remainder of the evening.  I did try something this evening that I saw on Pinterest earlier today that looked really interesting to me.  Time for Pinterest Pass or Fail!


I have NEVER had clear skin, however my skin breaks out more now that I’m 30 than it did when I was 16.  I have tried almost everything and nothing seems to ever completely get rid of my random breakouts, so tonight I decided to try a coconut oil/baking soda paste.  Brace yourselves…here I am with no makeup.  Insert blood curdling screams here!


So I took 2 tbsp of baking soda and ½ tsp coconut oil and just enough water to make a paste and rubbed it all over my face and let it sit for 3 minutes.


This was supposed to be like a natural moisturizer and clean out and minimize pores.  I could have taken another picture when I rinsed off the paste, but my face basically looks the same so the jury is still out on this one.  I decided to see what it looks like when I wake up and decide if this was a pass or fail…My face is VERY soft so that part of the experiment did work.

Have you ever tried anything on Pinterest that was a major pass or fail?

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