I Feel Pretty

Today, I feel pretty.  I don’t have on a new outfit or new shoes, I didn’t do anything differently with my hair or makeup, but for once this morning when I looked in the mirror, I felt pretty.  Kinda like this…

Okay, maybe not quite like that, but it was nice to look in the mirror and not immediately think, “Well that’s as good as it’s gonna get today!”

Last night I did the Peanut Butter Fingers Workout that I mentioned yesterday afternoon with the exception of the bottom two shoulder sets.  I have the broadest shoulders of any girl I have ever seen (hello linebacker!) and I certainly don’t need any help making those more defined or bigger so I substituted a few oblique sets since my love handles absolutely need to be toned a tish.  However, I have to say that I think I have found THE workout for me…That workout style was perfect!  I didn’t get bored once switching between the treadmill and weights and while my arms were DEFINITELY fatigued by the end of the workout, I wasn’t so tired and worn out that I felt like I was going to pass out like I usually do after 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I will definitely have to plan more workouts like this!

I’m super excited that we have nothing planned this afternoon after work, so I can enjoy this beautiful 80 degree weather running around outside with my Ryman for the rest of the evening.

After seeing a recipe for some stuffed bell peppers on Cookie Dough Katzen’s Blog, I think I’ll be creating some version of those myself for supper because they just look so darn tasty, and not half bad for you!

Tried any good recipes lately?

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My name is Beth Sheridan and I am a 30-year-old aspiring health and fitness freak, trying to navigate through a full-time job, a husband, and a 2-year-old boy...a born-again Christian with the firm belief that donuts could in fact be the devil. Enjoy! View all posts by sugarcoatedsheridan

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