Strep-1, Rylnn-0

Today started just about like any other day…work, coffee, work, coffee and then I got a phone call from Mel (who takes care of my Rylnn and whom I love more than life) but her calling me during the day means only one of two things, he’s sick or he’s hurt.  Unfortunately, he was sick, with a 104 temperature!  Since this was by far the highest fever he’s ever had and he hadn’t shown any other symptoms of not feeling perfectly fine, I freaked out just a little bit and straight to the doctor we went.

I do love my baby’s pediatrician and love the fact that he is so thorough, even though he took one look at him and immediately stated his diagnosis, “strep,” he still looked him all over while the strep test was (testing?) and gave him a blueberry sucker.  The strep test was positive so off to the pharmacy we went and then straight back home to rest.

Sick Rylnn Sick Rylnn1 Sick Rylnn2 Sick Rylnn3

It took a little while for that fever to come back down, but eventually it did and he wanted to go play outside, so outside we went.  Love snuggling with my baby, but not when he feels puny…

On another medical note, please remember our niece Sara in your prayers…She is just over 6 months old and is going to have to undergo open heart surgery on Monday.  While the procedure is relatively routine, it’s still very scary and I honestly can’t imagine what Andy’s brother and sister-in-law are feeling right now as they are facing the thought of their baby not only going through such a major surgery, but also the recovery process and how it will affect their other 4 older children.

I took a day off today from working out to take care of my baby boy so tomorrow I am going to get back at it, maybe with Jillian Michaels…I feel like I might have ignored her shred for entirely too long, especially when it used to be my number one go-to workout!

Do you have a favorite go-to workout?

Any strep relief suggestions?

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