NYC Stereotypes

Aside from the fact that I am super tired and I thought it was Monday all day, my first day back at work was not all out terrible.  It was great to see everyone (felt like I hadn’t seen them in a year!) and I was able to just buckle down and start knocking things out, all the while wishing I was sipping a minty mocha from Caffe Reggio!

As I told different people about my trip today, three things really stood out in my mind about New York City…Three stereotypes that were completely WRONG!

1. I thought all the people of NYC were going to be rude or stuck-up.

I could not have been more wrong!  Everywhere we went, if we pulled out our map, more times than not, someone would stop and ask what we were looking for or if they could help us find something.

Once in the Subway (this happened SEVERAL times to my stupid metrocard) my metrocard didn’t read right and once you’ve swiped it and don’t make it through the little bar or turnstile thing, you are locked out for seven minutes.  Well I got locked out of course, and this precious little Chinese lady let me use her card!  She looked at me and said, “Not work?” so I said no and she said, “One time” and swiped her card for me so I could get through.

Several times in the Subway if we were looking at signs to see if we were going the right way or which train we needed to get on, people would stop and ask which direction we were heading.

So people of NYC, I am so very sorry for categorizing you as one collective rude group of people!

NYC People NYC2

2. I thought I would be scared to death.

I was not scared one time.  Coming from a small, rural town in West KY, NYC is like the biggest, scariest place where all the murders, robberies, and rapes happen and quite honestly, I have been more scared in both Nashville and Memphis than I ever was in New York City.

Chinatown was the most “in your face” place that we visited and while it wasn’t my favorite place that we walked through, I still wasn’t scared.  I know that there are places in NYC that I am sure are very scary, but I think it’s basically like any other city, if you go looking for it, you’re going to find it and we weren’t about to go looking for it!


3. I didn’t think it would be so pretty.

I knew that some places in NYC were beautiful from pictures that I had seen, but I really thought with all the crud on the streets and all the smog in the air that nothing was going to really be that beautiful, but it was!

Central Park was so unique with all different kinds of plants, trees and fountains, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was just outstanding.  The outside of Rockefeller Center was full of trees and all kinds of fountains and beautiful tulips and even the places like Times Square were beautiful with all the GINORMOUS flat screens on the buildings and all the lights and music.

NYC Beauty NYC Beauty1 NYC Beauty2 NYC Beauty3

I am so glad that NYC proved my stereotypes wrong!  I still can’t wait to go back 🙂

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