Home Sweet Home

While I did get to spend a little time this morning with my sister and my little Elizabeth, we had to say goodbye and head out to the airport around noon.  First, I had to leave this little face…


Wow.  Brutal.

We did have a nice drive to the airport this time though (no road construction and no running through the airport barefoot) and were able to sit and watch planes as they landed, taxied, and loaded and unloaded baggage.  Ryman was absolutely fascinated!

Ryman Airplane



Finally back on the plane, Ryman was a trooper and we made it back home with just enough daylight left to stop by and see Gamma and Papa and then it was bath and bed.  I think he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.


And one word of advice for anyone travelling to Nashville from the West KY area or back…AVOID I-24 at all costs.  If you have read nothing else, I pray that you read that and go another way, take back roads, hit I-40, do something, but the road construction is both ways and it’s absolutely heinous.  If you have no other choice and no other way, allow plenty of extra time and pack snacks!

I already miss my Floridians so terribly bad, but my own bed is going to feel great after unpacking and a shower tonight 🙂

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