Rylnn’s First Flight

I try to keep this blog positive so I will say the flight to Florida today was wonderful…Getting to the airport was HORRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.  Two sections of road construction resulted in a total of about 3 hours of delay, backed up back-road traffic, and absolutely no end in sight.

We pulled up to the airport with 20 minutes before the plane was scheduled to take-off (after leaving about an hour early).  I grabbed Rylnn out of his car seat and we booked it through both security checkpoints and both ran to the gate…with 4 minutes to spare.  We left Andy to park the car and he had to go through security and run through the airport with three bags and a car seat, barefoot, to get to our gate with 30 seconds to spare.

I have never had such a terrible drive in my life, however, my 2-year-old was WONDERFUL.  He was the best behaved boy and made the whole horrible, terrible, no good, very bad situation much, MUCH easier.  He loved the plane ride and acted like he had flown 500 times before.  And since we’ve been here, we have had a great time with my sister, brother-in-law and new baby niece!

photo (64)


photo (63)

photo (62)


photo (65)

Palm tree pictures to come tomorrow!

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