Cheeseburger Soup and Madness

After an all-day meeting today (and also forgetting to put anything in the Crockpot this morning) I headed home to continue my “let’s clean out the fridge and pantry” portion of my self-imposed Crockpot challenge.  I found a pound of ground beef in the freezer, a can of broccoli cheese soup in the pantry and about a cup of shredded cheddar total in about three different bags in the fridge, so I thought, okay, a quick cheeseburger soup!

Ryman stayed with Granny today, so I was able to squeeze in some speed work (more about that in just a second) before both boys got home and I conjured up our cheeseburger soup “on the fly.”  I browned the ground beef and drained it, then added in the soup and about half a can of water (because I would rather have a thicker soup) and the cheddar cheese.  I also added some salt, a few shakes of garlic salt and some shallots and I have to say, for a quick and SUPER easy cheeseburger soup that I just made up, it wasn’t half bad, accompanied with copy-cat Red Lobster garlic cheddar biscuits.


And since my baby is so preciously cute, here is a sweet picture collage that I like to call “Fun in the bath!”

Tub Tub2 Tub3

And my precious baby niece angel as well…


Last night’s workout was difficult but not nearly as bad as I had originally anticipated.  Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the challenge of seeing how fast I could push myself, since I’ve always been about distance, not speed, which led to some more speed work this afternoon.  I ran to the bottom of the big hill where I live and ran approximately 10x100m as hard as I could possibly go and jogged about 100 in between each sprint.  It was hard, but again, I thoroughly enjoyed pushing myself in speed instead of distance.

NCAA time!  I love March Madness (even though UK sucked it up this year and my Hilltoppers got stuck with Kansas) and filled out my bracket today.  Go Louisville!


Anybody else filled out their bracket?  Who did you pick to win it all?

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