My Happy Helper

Monday mornings for me are always crazy, but this particular Monday morning turned into “Let’s bring Rylnn to the office” day, which is just plain scary!  Placing a 2 ½ year old boy in my office on a Monday morning is almost like trying to put a dragon inside of a mall, but it didn’t turn out nearly as bad as I feared it would’ve.  Rylnn’s sitter is out all this week, due to an extensive surgery (and she’s doing great, by the way) and his Granny, that was scheduled to watch him today, was sick all last night, so I scooped Rylnn up and off we went.


I will say once again, as you all have read in previous posts, I have the most amazing co-workers on the face of the planet and they all treated Rylnn just like he was their own, playing with him and letting him “work” on their computers or in their office areas.  Just watching him as he quietly played by himself and “ran my office” all morning was so precious.  Andy got off at lunch, so I took Ryman back home and headed back to the office to get the rest of my day caught up, but what I thought was going to be a terrible nightmare of fighting my child all day turned into quite a blessing.  I underestimate that boy constantly!

Ryman and Tiff

When I took Ryman home at lunch, I rescued the ol’ Crockpot from underneath the cabinet, washed it up and got it ready for my self-imposed Crockpot Challenge.  I placed two frozen chicken breasts inside, covered them with some ginger sesame dressing and cranked it up to high.


By the time I made it back home, about 5 hours later or so, they were super tender and I was able to shred them up and put them on some leftover hamburger buns (and I might ought to mention that this Crockpot challenge will also be in connection with “let’s clean out the pantry and fridge this week) so I might be adding some strange items to my meals!

Tonight’s workout will be one I found on through Pinterest and while I don’t have an incline feature on my treadmill, I will just be using the faster speeds to try and make up for the incline absence.  I’ll have to update tomorrow with a workout recap on how it all went.

Any other Crockpot recipe suggestions for me?

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