I Beat Beethoven!

I beat Beethoven!  The race this morning began with beautiful, warm weather and lots of runners that were ready to Beat Beethoven.


I was also rocking my new festive St. Patrick’s Day BIC Band (Because I Can Band) that is guaranteed to not slip and at the same time, a portion of every BIC Band sale goes back to a different charity each month.  I have never been able to wear the regular hair bands that are supposed to stretch over your whole head (apparently I have an odd shaped head) so I was really doubting this one would work, but it was amazing!  It was rather windy this morning so my BIC Band was well worth it.

BIC Band

Because we “Beat Beethoven” we were given free tickets to tonight’s Paducah Symphony Orchestra’s concert!  My final time was 30 minutes flat and I was pretty happy with that, though I hope to beat it on March 30th during my Color Run in Nashville.


I also want to say that while I was at the finish line watching others complete the course, an older gal came jogging across with a pink sun-visor, bib number 1 and a huge smile on her face.  She jumped into her husband’s arms, who had been cheering her on all the whole way, and just starting gushing, “I did it!”  And her husband, equally thrilled, said, “38 minutes, Babe!  That’s a personal best!”  They were both so excited that I was just staring at them, mouth open, almost in tears thinking, wow!  What incredible support and how encouraging to know no matter what age, weight, or physical barriers, she set a goal and she made it!  Congrats Gal!

Since it was such a beautiful afternoon, we all spent the afternoon outside in the incredible sunshine running around with Ryman and moving some things out of our attached garage into our newly finished metal garage.


And Rylnn was helping us the whole time!


I also didn’t get around to posting up a picture of my precious new niece yesterday, so here is my gorgeous sister with her in Florida.  How stunning are they?!

Sis and Elizabeth

Hope you were able to get out and soak up some sun today…Remember your green tomorrow!

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My name is Beth Sheridan and I am a 30-year-old aspiring health and fitness freak, trying to navigate through a full-time job, a husband, and a 2-year-old boy...a born-again Christian with the firm belief that donuts could in fact be the devil. Enjoy! View all posts by sugarcoatedsheridan

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