T-O-P-S Tops Tops Tops

So my WKU Hilltoppers are headed to the big dance!!  Go Tops!

 photo bigred_zpsffbeae5b.jpg

Today I tried to concentrate a little more on food but I was SO hungry today!  I started the day with a small bowl of brown rice pudding and a handful of grapes and then for lunch I had a salad with spinach, romaine, a handful yummy cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese topped with just a tiny drizzle of honey mustard.  I also treated myself to three yummy Hershey squares!  I snacked ALL DAY though on my favorite Planters Wholesome Nut Mix and some Clementine cuties and one honey crisp apple.
 photo photo77_zps172b6e2f.jpg

This afternoon, Ryman and I headed over to Papa and Gamma’s to have some more FaceTime with the Floridians, and we had a little fun with the camera while we were waiting.

 photo photo74_zpsc3179e12.jpg
 photo photo73_zpsd384b156.jpg
I fixed up some french fries and Papa grilled some cheeseburgers (WOW they were good) and for dessert, Oreo cookies!  I’m stuffed!

I thought that I would run this evening, but I think I’m going to have an inside Jillian date instead.  Here is my problem and get ready because I’m going to admit to everyone right now that I am one giant wuss.  My treadmill is located in my unheated, uninsulated garage so that I can run after Rylnn is asleep and not wake him up, but when it’s windy and cold like it is tonight, I just loathe going out there because I freeze.  Wuss Wuss Wuss.  So, maybe inside tonight and I can try the treadmill tomorrow.

And just to make you smile…
 photo photo72_zps4ab6c53b.jpg
 photo photo76_zps2590bb94.jpg

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